Polypropylene fabrics


Width up to 1.5 meters and unlimited length


Various colors


Production of jumbo bags (large bags), polypropylene bags (flour bags, cement bags, fertilizer bags, etc.)

Polypropylene fabrics

This type of fabric is made from the raw materials of heavy-grade polypropylene (PP) and a combination of masterbatch color, UV absorber, and softener. This fabric is manufactured with a high quality, supplied as rolls and used in many industries and activities, including polypropylene and jumbo bag.

Technical Properties of Polypropylene Fabrics:

  • Width: up to 150 cm
  • Weight: from 50 to 220 grams per meter length depending on the width
  • Various roll length
  • Laminated fabric 15 to 33 microns thick
  • UV resistant for 1200 to 1600 hours